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Our mission is to provide an effortless, efficient cleaning system for cleaning golfers gear 'while the game is being played'.

 Our products can also be bought as golf gifts to surprise that golf lover in your life.

Golfers spend too much time attempting to clean between shots, thus creating slow play – a cardinal sin. JetCaadee is the leading golf store online offering a family of revolutionary products for cleaning your golfing gear while your game is in progress.

Dirty golf clubs, dirty greasy grips, dirty mud filled cleats, and dirty golf balls increase scores. Dirty Clubs cause your balls to spin out of control, loss of trajectory, and speed. Dirty, greasy grips have a detrimental effect on your club control. Dirty muddy cleats make your feet unstable as you swing. Dirty balls reduce spin, control and ball manipulation. These are only a fraction of problems you’ll experience when you play with dirty equipment. But even more than the negative effect it can have on your game, it’s a fact that playing the game with dirty equipment will inevitably result in damaged equipment, caused by ground surface debris. Why put up with all that, when there’s a solution at hand?. 

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Ball Washer * Club Cleaner * Golf Gear Cleaner * Golf Gift * Birthday Gift
Mother's Day Gift * Father's Day Gift * Gift * Holiday Golf Gift

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