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THE COMPANY: USAmeriMFG, LLC                      

The company was founded on December 12, 2012, operating in Dallas, Texas under the name USAmeriMFG, LLC a Limited Liability Company. The company initially was established with one (1) product entitled, The JetCaadee Pro.


USAmeriMFG’s goal is to diffuse its line of products (the JetCaadee Golf Cleaning and Practice Systems) to predominately the 21,000,000 US junior golfers, and the 27,000,000 avid and professional US golfers out of the 62,000,000 golfers worldwide. The portable JetCaadees are designed for cleaning, and availability anywhere on the course, “while the game is being played” to clean all golf gear after every “SHOT”. The JetCaadee Golf Cleaning and Practice Systems are the only products that offer both practice and a complete “10 IN ONE” cleaning system in a single portable product. Product Structure Similarity/ Features: Features consist of three (3) independent reservoirs designed to keep clean water separated from cleaning mixture; a multi-purpose durable brush that does not fray made of flex fibers that pop back in place used for cleaning all golf gear; rust proof stainless steel wire prongs that hold the ball firmly in place while rotating and cleaning; lifetime durable water spigot attached to reservoir that provides clean water absolutely anywhere on the course; equipped with a convenient water inlet; provides a universal quick clip for easy installation and fits all standard golf bags, motor carts, pull carts, and carrier bags; small and lightweight; stores away easy and conveniently in all golf bags; leak proof – air tight screw caps; equipped with a towel rack and tee holder; manufactured with flexible plastic material to prevent cracking or breaking during normal use; recyclable plastics and other material. The PracTicee Tee is one of the most innovative products for improving golfers short game and can be used worldwide by all 62,000,000 golfers.


All Products Are Made In the USA In Support Of American Workers.


Introductory Story


This is my story as an inventor: I started playing golf 38 years ago to discover there was absolutely no way to clean my golf gear, “while the game is being played”, which is the only place golfers need clean clubs. Especially after every “SHOT” anywhere on the course maintaining pace of play, thus avoiding trips to club houses, water faucets or contaminated creeks to wet towels. I decided to visit retail stores in my state to purchase a much-needed product for cleaning, as well as researched the Internet. I was astonished that golf has been played for more than 550 years and nothing existed. Junior golfers (children) struggle the most in their ability to maintain cleanliness, and shoot lower predominately for “Junior Golfers” to solve the problems. The retail market has always accommodated professional, and avid golfers omitting the world’s future golfers (Junior Golfers).


Product Development


The JetCaadee Golf Cleaning and Practice Systems were invented, patented, and manufactured in the United States of America. The JetCaadee high quality steel molds were designed by the most skilled engineers for making these durable, efficient, aesthetic, and a functional consumer line of products, in Support of American Workers. USAmeriMFG spent several years systematically in reach development. RHP industrial, Inc., Dalworth Technologies, Inc., The Lions Group, Inc., Integrated Business Development Services, Impact Golf Technologies, Inc., and several other institutions partnered with USAmeriMFG in bringing this “Series” of products to fruition. Marketing teams, and focus groups played an important roll in developing competitive product price points, and target markets. The cleaning systems offer immeasurable numbers of features all compacted into one small, light weight, portable, unique design for golf clubs, balls, shoes, cleats, caps, and equipped with a tee holder, towel ring holder, and an easy, convenient, durable, push button “Clean Water Supplier”.

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