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Mission Statement

USAmeriMFG’s Mission Statement

Cleaning Systems

USAmeriMFG’s mission is to provide an effortless, efficient cleaning system with a versatile method for cleaning golfers gear “While The Game is Being Played”. USAmeriMFG’s “JetCaadee” Product Line was created by golfers for golfers to accommodate golfers most important cleaning needs “While The Game Is In Play”. This “Product Line” was manufactured with the highest quality of consumer materials, and 8 years meticulously dedicated in developing its aesthetic design, and engineering structure. The “JetCaadee” is a small portable unique cleaning system, designed with simplicity offering quick and easy installation without bolts, nuts or screws, and may be conveniently stored in any golf bag for easy accessibility. The product fits all golf bags, pull carts, and motor carts. Golf has been played over 550 years without a sensible technique, or portable product that could be used for cleaning “While The Game Is In Progress”. Golfers spend too much time attempting to clean between shots, thus creating slow play that is known as “A Cardinal Sin”. Slow play can impede or backup an entire golf course. The revolutionary “JetCaadee” keeps equipment clean for every shot, from the first to the last. “JetCaadee” was the solution for cleaning golf gear more than 550 years ago, and is the solution to the problem NOW. JetCaadee Tested By Impact Golf Technologies, Inc.

      Made In USA In Support Of American Workers USAmeriMFG, LLC.

World's Greatest Cleaning System

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