Nathan Jones, Master Artist


EducationNathan Jones is a graduate of The University of Texas, where he engaged in a broad curriculum of study at several educational institutions, including Texas Southern University, University of Dallas, The Columbus College of Art and Design, El Centro College, and Richland College.  Jones completed more than ten (10) years of study collectively at these institutions.


Nathan Jones is a modern day Renaissance Man; a golfer, inventor, master artist, architectural construction builder, marketer, author, and recognized as a history maker by The National History Makers.


Jones has been playing golf for more than 25 years. Along the way, he realized that there were no easy ways for golfers to keep their gear clean while playing. Most of the solutions that were available to golfers were terribly ineffective, bulky, heavy, and inefficient. Jones created JetCaadee™ products to provide easy-to-use gear for golfers to clean their equipment while playing. Jones designed, created and refined the products for golfers convenience, efficiency, availability, and to keep them within reach before and after every shot. The game of golf has been played for more than 550 years, without an effective way to keep clubs and other gear working at top efficiency. With JetCaadee, Jones has changed all that.


Nathan Jones holds several U.S. patents on products to improve the game of golf. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Texas. He engaged in a broad curriculum of study at several educational institutions, including Texas Southern University, University of Dallas, The Columbus College of Art and Design, El Centro College, and Richland College. Jones completed more than ten years of study at these institutions, collectively.


Nathan Jones has been widely recognized for excellence in his work in the field of fine art. Jones was the commissioned by the US Postmaster General to create a United States postage stamp of Dr. Charles R. Drew. Designer of a number of Southwestern Bell telephone book covers, covering the entire state of Texas. Jones was also commissioned to paint a collection of Civil War soldiers to be used on the cover of several editions of the University of Oklahoma Press publication The Buffalo Soldiers. He was a finalists in the American

Artists Annual Competition in New York, selected as one of the top twenty artists from more than 5,000 submissions. He has also been chosen as one of the top Thirteen Artists in America today, sharing this coveted honor with Norman Rockwell. The award was part of the Artists of America ’74 Exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Jones has also received several academic honors for his work. The University of Texas, from which he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, bestowed upon him the first Outstanding Alumnus Award of the School of Fine Arts. He is also the youngest individual and the first in his field of fine arts, to receive the Alumnus Award. In addition to these honors, he was awarded a one year scholarship from the Columbus College of Art and Design in a national competition “to honor excellence, and promise in the field of fine art.” Nathan Jones is truly a Master Artist; from his book, Paintings With a Pencil Jones unique techniques illustrate how to create exquisite watercolors, magnificent limited editions, hand colored original lithographs, and his superbly rendered oil paintings. In 1981, Jones designed a commemorative U.S. postage stamp for Dr. Charles Drew; that same year, Jones became the creator of the cover for the 1981-82 Southwestern Bell Telephone Directory.


Jones has had 38 years of experience in manufacturing production, distribution, and marketing, which included fine art, and real estate. Among his many areas of interest, Jones studied architectural building construction at The University of Texas. He has spent several years in the field of architecture dedicating five years to residential home construction, where he designed, produced architectural renditions, built homes, as well as a medical facility, a day care center, and designed limited structural renovations to existing buildings. Jones designed, and built The Jones Studio Gallery to market his fine art and ancillary products, exclusively. As a marketing entrepreneur, Jones has spent countless hours developing a creative marketing programs to canvass retail, wholesale, and direct sales for product distribution.

US Postage Stamp

Buffalo Soldier Book